Cornwall Boat Tours & Water Sports

The best way to see Cornwall is from the water and there are a wide variety of boat tours available. Choose from cruises up the breathtaking coast line or beautiful river ferry runs. The boats available range from small to large and have many amenities such as a marine stereo system to provide an excellent soundtrack to your tour. If you prefer to pilot your own vessel, boat rentals are also available. If you like to water ski, boats are available with wake towers equipped with waterproof speakers.

When you visit Mousehole make your holiday very special by taking a trip aboard “Cormorant” where you will be able to see the Cornish coastline from the sea. Mike the skipper will delight you with tales of days gone by and more up to date events involving fishing boats, lifeboats and helicopter rescues. Head along the coast to see Lamorna Cove and the children especially love trying to spot seals on Mousehole Island. Recapture those good old fashioned holiday moments when everyone took “a trip around the Bay and back in time for tea”