A new day dawns……………


Welcome, not just  to the sparkling new Summer House Web Site but also to our brand new blog…….

Now I have to admit ….. I had a really soft spot for our old web site.   Designed 15 years ago, when the web was in its infancy, and we were bright eyed and bushy tailed and excited at beginning our new adventure -  its simplicity and vibrancy reminded me of all the reasons we had moved to Cornwall.

But……..according to our webmaster 15 years in web terms had made our site   pre-historic and it has ceased ‘talking’ to the powers that be – I assume he means Google – so sadly we have had to lay it to rest…………….

But we hope that you like our new one.

The music is wonderful isn’t it…. We heard it when we were wandering around the Med a couple of  years ago and tracked it down when we came back.  For me it conjours up laid back holidays, warm evenings…….mmmm

But the pictures certainly have been fun acquiring.  Many of them courtesy of my brother-in-law Michael, an ex chef turned photographer, who we’ve bribed with board and lodging.  And there have been times, believe me, when he really has had to sing for his supper…..Mike, do you think you could just…..

And the results have served to remind us just how far The Summer House has come.

When those first pictures were taken, a very talented young photographer, Bob Berry  (who is a very well know photographer for the likes of Venice Film Festival and The Tate) had to use all his ingenuity.

Large plants were borrowed from a friendly nursery to fill the barren space for what would become our wonderful walled garden, fabrics were artfully draped, and our then kitten Stella took centre stage….. in an attempt to show the dream we were yet to build…

For the many of you who have taken the journey with us, supportive and enthusiastic at each visit, admiring  work as it progressed and dreams slowly morphed into reality,  we hope you like our new version – let us know what you think.

But do tread gently….this is our new baby after a fifteen year gap……………..

And now the Blog – such an ungainly word isn’t it, maybe that is why it’s taken me so long to succumb……  but  I guess its just a chance to keep you posted on what is happening down here……. on grey  days to make you smile and remind you that life is -  sometimes -  a beach…… oh, and to pass on those recipes.

I can’t tell you the number of emails I get that start something along the lines of ‘you know that xxxx that Ciro made when we were down, would he be offended if I asked for the recipe??’  Well I’m amazed. You know Ciro, when did he not want to chat about food and he’s certainly never been precious about sharing. So his recipes will keep cropping up. Let us know if there are any you want to jump the queue …. just don’t ask us to post the Sea Bass from Newlyn…………

Linda & Ciro